Modern Logistics

TTi, developer of the Zenith and Nexlog Platforms, has been looking at each client in a unique way. This focus on the customer is the reason for our good results.

Modern Logistics, an innovative company in the sector, reinforces our certainty that we are on the right track with this statement.

The partnership between Modern and TTI began in 2019 and, since then, it has been getting stronger and stronger. The implementation project was carried out with excellence, professionalism, punctuality and added a lot in terms of knowledge to our processes. Since then, the system has served us very well, releases with improvements are made available periodically, particularities are met and we are always in compliance with laws and requirements of Organs competent bodies. The day-to-day relationship is very friendly, emergencies are prioritized and the service provided by TTI professionals is always impeccable, with assertiveness, dedication and maturity. We have an excellent partnership”

Alexandre Alves Leite
Systems Coordinator

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Nexlog estará presente em feira sobre logística.

Principal encontro de logística, intralogística e transporte de cargas reunirá mais de 200 marcas nacionais e internacionais, eventos de conteúdos exclusivos e inéditos e marca o reencontro das empresas dedicadas

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